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BSAHRP strives to be recognized as the pioneer Human Resource Association for pursuing excellence in Human Resource Management in Apparel sector of Bangladesh.


BSAHRP is committed- "To connect, educate and lead the HR professional of Apparel sector to achieve individual and organizational excellence." and "To serve the Apparel HR Professionals community as a trusted platform for members' welfare and care".

About Us

BSAHRP is a professional organization not for profit and income generation to be done for helping HR professionals those who are working in the Apparel sector to improve their skill, to create scope for sharing practical knowledge and Ideas among members to make them updated, to provide training on regular basis to enhance their quality of job, ultimately to contribute for making a standard platform to work for the betterment of apparel industry.

Also, BSAHRP is dedicated to the advancement of human resource management. The society offers its members networking and professional development opportunities throughout the year.


  • Unity of Peer ship and Membership

  • Holistic contribution to the profession

  • Spirit of volunteerism

  • Quality of activities and events

  • BSAHRP Journal and Newsletter
  • National and International recognition


  • All BSAHRP activities and platforms associated with it.

  • Spread of different regions of Bangladesh.

  • Social media presence.

  • Opportunity to build lasting professional relationships.

  • Retreats / Picnic.

  • Collaboration with other organizations.

  • Opportunities to volunteer and contribute.


  • Training, Seminars and Conferences.

  • Skill Building Workshops.

  • Monthly Knowledge Sharing Session.

  • Periodic Summits.

  • Sharing of best practices.

  • Access to archived tools and resources.

  • Connect with senior HR professionals.

  • Research and Publications.

  • HR Compass / Quiz.

  • Case Studies.

  • Mentoring.

  • Collaboration with academic institutes I universities.

  • Study Missions I Visits.

  • Opportunities as Resource Persons.


  • National Conferences.

  • Special Events on Leadership Development.

  • BSAHRP Journal.

  • Engagement of senior Professionals and Academicians.

  • Research Studies.

  • Collaboration with leading academic institutions in Bangladesh and abroad.

  • Partnership with specialized private and Government agencies.

History of BSAHRP

After the independence war of 1971, most onlookers of the only just emerged country took an unenthusiastic observation about the developmental panorama of Bangladesh. The export-oriented RMG sector has made fundamental contribution to this renovation of Bangladesh economy. Bangladesh can now rightfully claim that she has graduated from a predominantly aid receiving nation to a trading nation and is going to be a middle-income country very soon. Today The apparel industry only makes us proud in the global market by establishing the slogan “Made in Bangladesh”. As of now, the apparel sector is the single biggest export earner for the country and contributing around 84% of total export earnings from RMG industry. Behind the story of creating phenomenal economic frame of RMG sector, hundreds of pupils reflected their inexorable efforts magnificently. They turned millions of people into resources in order to feel Bangladeshi proud as the 2nd largest manufacturer of the planet. They are HR professionals and BSAHRP has become the demonstration of their thoughts and an integral part of their professional life.

Mr. Nure A. Khan , is one of the pathfinders of BSAHRP who brought all HR professionals in a common platform in 2010 and he has been serving this RMG sector for many years by his extra-ordinary skill, knowledge and merit. He shared his views and ideas about the platform with Mr. M. A. Hashem, another great HR personality contributing to the same industry, at the end of 2014. Both of their dreams congressed each other and originated later a platform for all HR professionals serving this sector year after year.

At the outset of 2015, significant number of fellow contemporaries responded amazingly. Later on, a formal meeting had been called on 21st October 2015 for an elaborate discussion to decide the mission & vision of the organization by 19 HR professionals’ impassioned presence and opined unanimously to form an association without any delay. On a subsequent meeting held on 15 December 2015, a convening committee had been formed consisting of 21 members to determine the action plan of proposed organization and mobilize its activities. Under the supervision of this convening committee, a weekly training/workshop for HR professionals as well as various other CSR activities has been launched.

After that, challenge rose in terms of registration for the organization in order to pick up the pace of organizational activities onward from the concerned authority of government and all the attempts to achieve this goal stumbled several times through the rejection of registration body. Two names come in this purpose - Lt. Col. Hasan Mahmud (Rtd.) & Mr. Sirajul Islam Azad , unquestionably their tremendous and never-ending support, diligence, perseverance and coordination made possible to achieve the BSAHRP registration Certificate on 10 September 2017 under the Society Registration Act XXI of 1860 from the Office of the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms (RJSC), Bangladesh. Thus, BSAHRP is the only registered HR organization for Apparel Sector in Bangladesh.

BSAHRP stepped into new and up to date era with progressive thoughts in September 2017, Mr. Sirajul Islam Azad has solely taken initiative for unveiling a project to design a new logo for the BSAHRP, getting a domain registration and mounting a web application enterprising with online membership registration system and database software which smooth organization’s walking towards adapted future for change. Finally, he successfully made it possible to run the customized database software project with online membership registration system for BSAHRP, it was only possible for his dynamic efforts, advanced views and ideas. Mr. Lutfor Rahman (Software Engineer) is a worthy of personality in this aesthetic task completion for BSAHRP and almost 1000 HR professionals are online registered members. This is a unique milestone for any social organization as well as paradigms for other similar organizations in the county.

Today, BSAHRP has become the most benign and apex organization throughout the country. Challenges of the 21 centuries already been added to its mission and vision where anticipated conquest and infinite achievement for RMG sector is destined beneath the umbrella of BSAHRP.

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